December 4, 2004

Feeling Meaty

Cast a glance into the ferociously hot oven at the Buenos Aires Grill and you'll see sizzling steaks. That's what meat's all about, right? Primal urges.

Looking into the oven.jpg Grilling at the Buenos Aires grill.jpg

Soon enough, that hunk of meat comes to the table, accompanied by grilled vegetables.

Meat from the grill.jpg Grilled vegetables.jpg

Good news: proprietor Marco Casas-Breaux, who also owned Madrid 522, is taking over the Harbor Steps space on First Avenue vacated by Wolfgang Puck and will transform it into another south American restaurant called Ipanema. Meantime, tango dancers Patricio and Eva perform at the Buenos Aires on weekends, adding a note of elegance and sophistication to those primal urges. Bravo!

berzerk.jpg Buenos Aires bar.jpg Posted by Ronald Holden at December 4, 2004 4:43 PM