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Anti-Semitic sign in Germany, mid-1930s.ARW.jpg

Today's sign of bigotry comes from northern Germany, where it adorned a Jewish-owned shop on the main square of a small market town in the mid-1930s. Don't buy from the Jews, it says; if you do, you're a traitor. Of course, it was easy to tell which shops were owned by Jews: there were Stars of David in the windows by that time; the deportations would begin only a couple of years later.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the so-called "religious freedom" bill passed yesterday in Indiana doesn't mandate discrimination, but it does permit it. Whites Only. No Colored. No Jews. No Gays.

How about an American flag sticker with a diagonal, No-Parking slash (like this) to be affixed to any business run along these un-American principles? You want to be an asshole? Fine, but you have to post this at your place of business.


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