March 6, 2005

"Cellar Selections"

We called it a wine-sharing party, everyone bringing something interesting from their cellar, because, after all, that's what wine is for: to share with friends in congenial surroundings. In this case, Carnegie's, an elegant mansion in Ballard.

Carnegies at twilight1.jpg Veuve Clicquot.jpg Lineup of older bottles1.jpg

The party was sponsored by the Seattle branch of the International Wine & Food Society. Our thanks to Chef Jerry Brame, who set out a lavish buffet, and to Dean Stephens, whose 1990 Château l'Evangile from Pomerol was voted the favorite wine of the evening. More photos follow.

More photos from the "wine sharing" at Carnegie's.

A few corks1.jpg Chef Jerry Brame and Susan1.jpg Lineup of younger wines1.jpg

Jan and Robert.jpg Lonay.jpg Trish Sherry Ken.jpg

Are you interested in participating in events like this? Let me know, please. Send email to Posted by Ronald Holden at March 6, 2005 9:49 AM