March 27, 2005

Hot Soup, Hot Licks

"Open Mic" night at Nana's Soup House in Ravenna last night. Tasty soup duo: a creamy baked potato and a mild chicken fiesta. MC was Jed Myers, psychiatrist by day, poet and folk singer by night. Best act: gang of 8th graders, including Jed's son Jonas, most of them members of the award-winning Washington Middle School jazz band.

Nana neon sign-1.jpg Soup duo.jpg Jed with brass band.jpg

The players, from left: Jonas Myers, Andrew Morale (who's actually in the Eckstein Middle School Jazz Band), Sam Koelle, Carl Majeau, Jed, Eli Rumpf (hidden behind Jed), Gabe Martin (orange jacket).

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