May 14, 2005

Spicing up 5th Avenue

An elegant new restaurant, named Spice, is now open at corner of 5th & Bell where Chin-Chin's used to be. It's good news for the neglected eastern edge of Belltown, under the monorail.

Spice sign.jpg Nazir.jpg Stir fry at bar.jpg

Proprietor is the estimable Nazir Khamisa, founder of Chutneys and owner of the super-deli chain Beba's. He closed Chin-Chin's; successful at lunch, it died at night. No such danger for Spice: the lounge is twice the size of the dining room, there's a terrific happy hour, and a menu studded with enticing dishes from Latin America, Asia and India. Can it be true? Curry in Belltown at long last?

Chef Vincent Rivera at Spice.jpg Naan on plate.jpg Seafood curry.jpg

In the kitchen, veteran Vincent Rivera has an honest-to-goodness, authentic clay tandoor oven to bake perfect naan turn out dishes like Sonoran wild boar and clay-pit rack of lamb. As Nazir puts it on the menu, "It's Not About the Heat; It's All About the Flavor!" Yes!

Peking Purses 2.jpg Spring rolls 2.jpg

Posted by Ronald Holden at May 14, 2005 8:11 PM