January 26, 2007

Top Barman

February 3rd UPDATE: Gal waits at ZigZag while her date gets mugged, off-duty cop shoots robber.

Ask anyone who's serious about cocktails, and they'll tell you that Murray Stenson at ZigZag is Seattle's best barman. Knows his drinks, knows and remembers his customers. I was hooked from hello on my first visit. Murray introduced me to cask-strength Macallan's, Hendrick's gin, super-premium vodkas. He works fast (not for nothing is he called Murr the Blur) but never seems rushed; he dips a straw and tastes a drop of virtually every drink before it's delivered to the customer.

Murray Stenson at ZigZag.JPG

Back in May, Esquire named ZigZag one of the best bars in America. Now Playboy has discovered Murray, naming him one of the top ten bartenders in the country. ZigZag's owners Kasey Fitch and Ben Dougherty are thrilled. So are regulars like Charles, whose namesake Chas cocktail is now part of ZigZag's drink menu.

Notes Robert Hess, Seattle-based cocktail guru, "It wasn't that long ago that people thought good coffee came from a can, or good beer came from large commercial breweries. Perceptions change, fortunately. And now we have our own Murray Stenson showing us that good cocktails can also be a thing of beauty."

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Posted by Ronald Holden at January 26, 2007 8:04 AM

That would be altar, of course! (oops)

Posted by: Emily Moore at January 28, 2007 7:14 PM

Ron! Murray was behind the bar for a decade (or so) at Il Bistro when it was the only place to drink perfect cocktails and bask in the glow of their famous pink lightbulbs. He's always been the best; I'm slightly sad that ZigZag has been nationally outed; now us mere mortals may not get a spot at his alter where the Murray expertise is clearly heads and cocktails above anyone else in town.


Posted by: Emily Moore at January 28, 2007 7:11 PM