Dueling Reubens

Sampled Reuben sandwiches at two locations in the past week. First at Goldberg's, a new "authentic" Detroit-style deli at Factoria Mall. Following day at 94 Stewart, a new place in the Pike Place Market.

reuben at goldbergs 1.jpg reuben at 94 stewart 1.jpg

A small cup of unexceptional potato salad accompanied Goldbergs' $11.95 sandwich, which was stuffed with corned beef flown in from Detroit and a wad of sauerkraut on bland, lightly toasted rye bread; but it lacked dressing. Delicious sweet-potato fries came with the $7.95 Reuben at 94 Stewart, whose sauerkraut was slathered with Russian dressing and topped with gruyere, all between slices of crunchy, grilled onion rye.

So why would anybody pay an extra four bucks just to eat at a mega-deli in a mega-mall? Granted, Goldberg's offers 100 different sandwiches, including my favorite, pickled tongue. And it's multi-cultural: on my visit, the maitre d' was Chinese, the waiter Mexican. But it also seemed to represent typical suburban overkill. More about the real find of the week, 94 Stewart, in my next post.

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