Bastille Day comes early

They ran out of crepes. Brasserie Margaux ran out of coleslaw for the salmon baguettes and came this close to running out of salmon, too. Dude, that's like 800 crepes and 600 portions of fish. The organic French bakery Biofournil had to put in two calls for more bread. Muscadet grower Pierre-Yves Lusseaud, on his first trip to Seattle, ran out of wine. Mon dieu!

Signage.jpg Pierre-Yves Lusseaud.JPG

Okay, so wasn't the 14th. But if Seattle Center says it's Bastille Day, and French Consul Jack Cowan says it's Bastille Day, well, chers amis, we can pretend it's Bastille Day.

Grand merci to chefs Jacques Boiroux and Thierry Rautureau and master baker Michel Robert, among the many who donated time, talent and "product" to the festivities.

Jack Cowan.jpg Les trois mousquetaires.jpg

The crowd loved it. And fans of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli and "gypsy jazz" in general were particularly delighted by the last group of the day, Pearl Django, four local musicians with an international reputation.

Pearl Django.jpg pearl.jpg

And if you missed the Pearl Django set, don't despair; they're playing regularly this summer in venues across Puget Sound.

Meantime, you can download a clip of their music here: haut_parleur.gif

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