The Real Bastille Deal

Allons, mes enfants! On va faire la fête!

Cindy pours Veuve.jpg Jim on the door at Le Pichet.jpg

Enjoying snacks at Le Pichet.jpg

Let's start the party with a glass of Veuve Clicquot poured at Seattle Cellars by Cindy Sido of Alaska Distributors. Then we head to Le Pichet, where chef and co-owner Jim Drohman has drawn door duty. Inside, the menu is pared down to sandwiches, frites and crèpes, with gypsy-jazz guitar music to enhance the mood.

Courtyard at Campagne.jpg Nikki Schiebel at Campagne.jpg

Seafood quenelles at Campagne.jpg Daisley Gordon in Campagne kitchen.jpg

At Campagne, a distinct upstairs-downstairs flavor. Chef Daisley Gordon presides over a $65 prix fixe dinner that starts with quenelle de poisson, a halibut dumpling topped with whitefish caviar. Sous chef Nikki Schiebel did the actual cooking; Gordon inspects, wipes and dispatches.

Pouring wine at Cafe Campagne1.jpg Musicians at Cafe Campagne.jpg

In the alley behind Café Campagne, there's a crowd scarfing up $5 merguez sausages, downing goblets of wine and listening to French music.

And at Maximilien, another accordionist, bleu-blanc-rouge balloons and a $34 prix fixe menu.

Balloons at Maximilien.jpg Accordionist at Maximilien.jpg

Fireworks? Not in Seattle. Need to be content with memories of the Eiffel Tower and feu d'artifice from a couple of summers back.

Waiting for fireworks1.jpg Boy watching Bastille Day fireworks1.jpg

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