Garden of Jade

Suddenly crave Sunday night fix of Chinese noodles. Head for Jade Garden in the International District, order Seafood Chow Fun with Curry Sauce. Tender shrimp, bits of crab among the broad rice noodles. Spicy but no discernable curry flavor. Slivers of barbecued pork contribute an unexpected sweetness. Pulse starts racing as MSG kicks in.

Jade Garden exterior.jpg Jade Garden interior.jpg Jade Garden noodles.jpg

At next table, four generations share procession of dishes including impressive mound of crabs in black bean sauce. Convivial gathering.

Fortune cookie says "You will soon achieve your financial goals." Check is all of 8 bucks. Warm rain falls as I pedal home to Belltown. Won't return to this garden; have become Jaded.

Jade Garden, 424 Seventh Ave. S., Seattle, 206-622-8181

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