Eating of the green

Put on the Leprechaun suit and headed into the St. Patrick's Day fray, but Belltown felt like amateur night, full of 20-somethings from distant nabes crawling the pubs.

Tavernkeeper Carl Rogers made good on his promise to open Blarney Stone in time for the "event," such as it was. Harp on tap, served in a Bass go-cup. Hmm.

St Paddy at Blarney Stone.JPG Cerignola olives.JPG

Best discovery of the night: the enormous and dense, meaty Bella di Cerignola olives from Italy's Puglia region, served as an appetizer at Marjorie. Bright, shiny green they were!

Blarney Stone, 1909 3rd Avenue
Marjorie, 2331 2nd Avenue, 206-441-9842

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