Thoughts from Seat 35-C


* Not including morning coffees, midday mineral waters, mouthwash or toothpaste, figure we tasted an average of one new beverage every business hour during our time in Spain. Plus a few repeats, retastes and second helpings. Altogether, an excellent week.

* Tailcam on Iberia Airbus from Madrid to Chicago gives sense of stability. Very reassuring after three-hour fiasco at futuristic Barajas airport where airline's (dare-we-say-it?) incompetent computer software (regularly losing reservations by the score) is matched by indifferent staff (sending platoons of confused passengers scurring across concourses). Third World chaos, unworthy of a prosperous, cultured, confident nation.

* Then I think, that's unfair. Grandparents couldn't have imagined a journey like this. Thirty thousand feet up, relatively comfortable, drinking free airline wine. Ungrateful wretch, STFUA!

* Onboard movie, Good Night, and Good Luck suggests decent people can fight the establishment and win. Doubt that any broadcasters today get the message. Nor will the out-Foxed American public even care.

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