May 1, 2005

Drinks by Dominic

Everyone in Seattle knows Dominic, the guy whose talents as a field marshall have transformed Hempfest from a fringe event for hippies into a music-and-politics weekend that's the single most popular festival in town. His abilities as a political activist, running the successful Initiative 75 campaign, have earned him national recognition, including a spot on the board of directors of NORML.

Dommie wows the crowd.jpg dominic_holden.jpg Dom April 05-2.jpg

Now here's something new from this laid-back advocate for legalized marijuana: great cocktail recipes! Try these ...

Boy Georgia: Stoli Peach Stoli Vanil On the rocks, in a pint glass with lemonade, orange juice and 7-Up

Copa Banana: Stoli Citros Malibu Coconut Rum Banana Liqueur On the rocks with lemonade

Oh My Godiva: Bacardi "O" Godiva Chocolate liqueur Shaken and served up

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