May 1, 2005

Shake it up, baby!


At last, a promotion with potential. The Great Seattle Shakeup, sponsored by Seattle Weekly, features 23 lounges around town. The deal is this: from 7 to 10 PM, Sunday through Thursday for the first three weeks of May, two "specialty cocktails" and one appetizer cost just $15.

So come Sunday at 7, I ditch Goldie Hawn on 60 Minutes and head for the corner barstool at Il Bistro, the Market hideaway from which I've been absent too long.

Lascivo 1.jpg logo_IlBistro.gif Bruschetta trio at Il Bistro 2.jpg Calvino 1.jpg

Two fine cocktails: first, a luscious sparkling "Lascivo" made with Zardetto prosecco, Dubonnet and bitters. It's not unlike the prosecco bitter served all over Venice. The in-joke is that lascivo is Italian for "lascivious" or "randy" and Randy Brown is Il Bistro's silver-haired maitre d'.

Then it's on to the "Calvino," a long drink made with vodka, Campari and grapefruit juice. Named for the Italian novelist Italo Calvino, and refreshing as can be.

Also ordered a substantial appetizer: the flavorful bruschetta trio. Three thick slices of Tuscan bread topped with a mushroom-olive medley, a tomato-basil mixture, and goat cheese blended with artichoke hearts.

Gee, 23 places and only 15 evenings. Might not make it ...

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