December 30, 2005

Aux Armes, Cornichons!

The most ominous news of the year, received just today:

A new club called Twist has apparently leased the space vacated by Torero's: an outfit calling itself Good Karma, Ltd., run by a couple of guys from the former Club Medusa on Western (think shootings, think narcotics, think cops-on-the-take).

Medusa, for its part, has been sold to the fine folks who own Cowgirls in Pioneer Square and renamed Venom. Good to know, that.

The Pomeroy's condo owners are busily writing to the Liquor Control Board even as you read this. The 2300 block of First Avenue could become a battleground. To the barricades!

At Rick's gin joint in Casablanca, Viktor Laszlo leads a rousing Marseillaise.

Tomorrow: the 2005 Belltown Bravo! Awards.

Posted by Ronald Holden at December 30, 2005 6:22 PM