January 6, 2006

They're coming ... !

On First Avenue this afternoon, the old Torero's sign was getting a makeover, a new Twist, if you will. Backstory here.

Genie w Twist sign1.JPG Twist sign1.JPG

Looks charming, doesn't it? One of the owners, Rita Martin, promises that Twist's music will be softer than traffic noise. Furniture this weekend; opening by end of the month, she said.

But there's no liquor license yet, and a strong protest has been filed with the liquor board. Meantime, John Pehrson of the Belltown Community Council will chair a land-use subcommittee meeting Monday evening to try to sort this out. [That's the same John Pehrson who posted a comment about the Belltown Bravo! Aw@rds the other day.]

One Pacific Towers, 2000 First Ave., 6:30 PM. Be there!

Posted by Ronald Holden at January 6, 2006 11:24 PM

How does Ronald Holden do it?
XRay vision? Secret sources? Psychic readings?
Eyes on the pies and ear to the ground,
Mr. Holden is everywhere we should be in the downtown Seattle core...
Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of...
RONALD::::In the Know Urban Man!!!

Posted by: Ella Rose at January 7, 2006 11:10 AM