Out of the Cellar

Worth noting that Seattle Cellars "graduates" continue to make news, making owner Dave Woods justly proud.

Dave Woods in store.jpg jared.jpg

Most recently: Jared Heber, who left the store after five years to become the number two sommelier at Canlis (behind Shayn Bjornholm, who aced the Master Sommelier competition in San Francisco earlier this year; you read about it here on Cornichon) ... Jared's moving on again, this time to the French Laundry in Yountville, where he'll work with superstar chef Thomas Keller while preparing for the Master Sommelier competition himself.

Meanwhile, back at Canlis, another Seattle Cellars grad, Nelson Daquip, was singled out by Food & Wine for an article on the nation's best sommeliers under 30. Here's the link to Lettie Teague's article in the June 2005 issue, The Young and the Restless.

Still think the dude at your neighborhood wine shop is just an ignorant clerk? You could be making a big mistake!

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