Garden of Eden

Drink is called Adam & Eve. Barman is Alberto Meza, formerly of Alexandria's, now on duty just around the corner at Buenos Aires Grill. Bar has dark wood, dark lighting, nubile patrons, scent of wood smoke.

Bar at Buenos Aires Grill.jpeg Alberto makes Adam and Eve.jpeg Adam and Eve.jpeg

The way Alberto mixes it: roughly equal parts Belevedere vodka and sour-apple Pucker, splashes of pineapple and lime juice, served in glass rimmed with cinnamon. Tastes like a sour-apple martini to me, with a distracting spicy note; I prefer my vodka less puckered. But Alberto claims it has the same effect on women as Eden's original apple. (Gotta trust your bartender, friends.)

Seductive dancers Patricio and Eva return after Labor Day from a gig in Reno where they're headlining the smash musical review Forever Tango. Meantime, Buenos Aires kitchen continues to turn out sizzling steaks. And Alberto works Friday through Tuesday.

Buenos Aires Grill, 2028 Virginia St., Seattle 206-441-7076

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