Reuben, Reuben, I've Been Thinking ...

Hunt for Seattle's best Reuben leads to Sport, part of Fisher Plaza at the foot of the Space Needle, beneath mural-size image of the hapless Ichiro. Inside, athletic waitstaff sport STAFF t-shirts, dispense menus and adjust TV screens.

Sport.JPG Sport picking up orders1.jpg

Full sandwich ($11.95) listed as Rueben, not a promising sign. Half sandwich, spelled correctly, comes with a flavorless Fiestaware cup of chicken-tortilla soup ($8.95). Await nursery-rhyme's transport far across the northern sea, but, alas, Sport's Reuben is just a toasted sandwich.

Beer w CNN at Sport.jpg Reuben at Sport.jpg

Not bad-bad, mind you: tangy coleslaw, gooey mustard-mayo, sticky Swiss, crunchy rye, but oh-so-bland, unnaturally lean corned beef. No character! I munch in silence as Wolf Blitzer narrates latest Katrina video. Maybe northern sea not such a good idea after all. At least it's a decent pickle.

Sport, 140 4th Ave. N., Seattle, 206-404-7767

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