You've Got Car !

Welcome news for urban dwellers, like Cornichon, who no longer own a car. Six months ago, you might recall, ABC World News Tonight aired a feature about the Seattle-based car-sharing program Flexcar. [Yes, that was me on TV.] Today, news that Steve Case, founder of AOL, has purchased a controlling interest in the company. Former Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca has also made an investment and joins the board.

Steve Case.jpg

Why is this good news? Because it takes the concept of car-sharing into the mainstream.

Case happened to see a parked Flexcar in Washington, DC, three months ago, joined up and became convinced that car-sharing has a future. "Sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones," he told a news conference today.

Tim Eyman, listen up: we don't need lower gas taxes, we need fewer cars!

We need a transportation system that works better: more sharing of resources that already exist [cars, buses, rail] and less hogging of stuff that's going to run out [gas]. People who use those finite resources should be prepared to pay for the privilege; pretending otherwise is simply selfish.

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