Travel Notebook: Friday

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From pensioners to babies in strollers, everybody goes tapas-hopping in Spain. Here in Logrono, capital of La Rioja and home to well over 100,000, it seems half of them are on the streets and in the bars this warm, moonless Friday night. At 9:30, we're on our way to a formal restaurant dinner but we join the locals on Calle Laurel for a quick drink at a tapas bar that specializes in garlicky mushrooms stuffed with shrimp.

Baby in tapas bar.jpg Sara serves garlic mushrooms.jpg Ronald on Tapas Row.jpg

That glazed expression? We've been up since dawn, working hard all day. Winery visits, elegant lunches, trade shows. That's the director of tourism of La Rioja province on my right, making sure we don't falter now that we're close to the finish line.

Scorecard: 2 whites, 5 reds, 1 corto (palate-cleansing mini-beer), 2 digestifs (1 herbal, 1 apple). Get the picture now?

1 Comment

Gee, Ronald, I have to admit to admiring you for your ability to suffer through all the hardships of your Spanish series of serious sessions seasoned with special selections of scenery and senoritas! Ole

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