Travel notebook: Monday

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Fortress town of Laguardia, one of 19 medieval villages in the Rioja Alavesa

Arrive at Madrid airport mid-morning, steer left to avoid Egg McMuff and come upon elegant little wine bar. Copa of Rioja just the thing to wash down bite of smoked salmon.

Wine bar Milan airport.jpg Breakfast in Milan.jpg

On to northern industrial & banking city of Bilbao, reinvented as cultural & arts center. And food. Seven-course lunch highlighted by dreamy-creamy risotto topped with clams, crab and crayfish. Then down to the original LGA, 10th century Laguardia in shadow of Cantabrian mountains.

Seafood risotto.jpg Inspecting tapas.jpg Gilda tapas.jpg

Tapas for dinner in remote cellar of subterranean El Fabulista winery. Novelty: Gilda, named for Rita Hayworth film (and pronounced with the Spanish aspirant H, hilda). Spicy pepper, salty anchovy, sour cornichon, piquant olive. Mmmm.

Today's wine scorecard: 2 whites, 7 reds, 1 sparkling.

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Did you remember to bring along your Lipitor?

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