Celebrating Seattle's black chefs

New York Times, with annoying & typical provincialism, claims that black chefs are "struggling" [free registration required]. Not so in Seattle, where a culinary star like Daisley Gordon shines at Campagne. More to the point, a baker's dozen black chefs gathered last night to present "Food As Art," a celebration of African-American culinary expertise, annual fundraiser for the Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas.

Daisley Gordon.JPG Campagne stuffed gougeres.JPG

Subject of a splendid profile in the Seattle Times last month, Gordon shakes his head at the implications of racism in the New York piece. "Coming from Jamaica, all I ever saw were possibilities," he says.

And how's this for possibilities: the most sophisticated chicken sandwich you're likely to munch. Fluffy gougeres stuffed with slices of chicken quenelle (forcemeat of breast, eggs and cream poached in chicken stock) and chopped confit of duck gizzards, dressed with a mustardy aioli. Long, long line at the buffet.

Event co-chair Dana Frank admits being puzzled by the NY Times article. Didn't hurt ticket sales though. Capacity crowd of 350.

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