Paris: Small World

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Long summer nights, brilliantly illuminated monuments: predictable pleasures of Paris. Walk over to Juveniles, longtime favorite, for a glass or two and a plate or two. New kid behind the bar, Matt Damon look-alike. "Hello, Mr. Holden."

Turns out it's Devon Magee, one of the Magee kids who grew up literally across the street in Madrona. Haven't seen him for six, seven years at least. How'd he get here from Seattle? Worked at Esquin and Seattle Wine Outlet, did summer French program at Middlebury, walked into Juves a couple of months ago, got hired. Speaks great French (has French girlfriend, évidemment), really knows his wines.

Juveniles.JPG Devan Magee.JPG

Juveniles, 47 rue Richelieu, 75001 Paris, +331.42 97 46 49

1 Comment

My kind of detention center! Let the sentence be long.

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