Gimme 5 liters of the hi-test

Did you see the headline? Wine Ratings Might Not Pass The Sobriety Test.

Wow, I think, at last someone's gonna confess that they got a little snockered at the last Burgundy tasting! But no, the reporter, from the NY Times business staff, is shocked, shocked to learn that those 100-point scales are, like, totally bogus.

Wine spigot.jpg Fillup in Vacqueyras.jpg
Misleading graphic accompanies NY Times column; the real thing in Vacqueyras

When are the gurus (Parker, Expectorator, etc.) and their disciples gonna learn? The only people who care about numbers are either ignorant wholesalers who wouldn't know grand cru from crude oil, or insufferable snobs whose palates need valet parking?

As for the Times, one wonders if the Business editors are even aware of the paper's food & wine coverage, let alone Eric Asimov's excellent blog, The Pour.


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