The Sellen of Hempfest 2006


No thanks to the Seattle Art Museum or their contractor, Sellen Construction, for making it easy to attend Hempfest this weekend. Their obstinacy in complying with terms of a Parks Department permit wasn't resolved until midweek. Finally, like a petulant kid deigning to clean his room, they reluctantly cleared a 10-foot dirt path around heavy equipment and through construction debris at the site of the new Olympic Sculpture Park thereby allowing tens of thousands of local folks (in shorts, tees and halters) access to Myrtle Edwards Park.

C'mon, Sellen! Hempfest ain't no flash-in-the-pan, hippy fringe festival; at age 15, it's the largest marijuana rally in the nation by far, not to mention one of Seattle's most popular free music weekends. Might not be what the white-wine-&-brie museum crowd goes for, but, hey, this is America, dammit!

Access to Hempfest.JPG Hempfest shirt.JPG Jesus freaks at Hempfest.JPG

2:15: Inside at last. Jesus freaks and potheads mingle amiably on the broad lawn.
2:30: At the "Hemposium" tent, marijuana policymeister Dominic Holden moderates a panel on future political strategies.
3:00 Bands like Death-and-Taxes, Pyrx and Silas tune up on the music stages.
4:00: Munch a politically correct Mighty-O donut and wait for music to subside.
4:20: All better now.


Holden, you're slipping... No halter pics?

If the event went off as scheduled and the attendees were able to get around all right, what's the problem? I don't think the SAM had any legal obligation to provide any services, nor did Sellen. So who paid for the heavy equipment necessary to clean up around the art and clear a path? Who cleaned up after the event? Who had to re-work the ground following the event? Who paid for that? Give SAM credit for whatever they did as a good neighbor.

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