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Many bottles since last post, but tonight's gelato requires immediate attention. A simple-enough two-layered pinguino, a take-away cone of nocciola and caffè at Grom, on a side-street across from the train station in downtown Turin. The hazelnuts come from orchards with limited yields, the coffee beans come from Antigua, and the amazingly tasty concoction costs all of $2.50. (Gosh, has it really been a year since the last one of these? Guess so: link.)

Scooping gelato at Grom1.JPG Gelato in Torino1.JPG

Any wonder, then, that there's a line out the door at 10:30 PM on a weeknight? And that the Salone del Gusto here in Turin, gave these guys an award for excellence? That's why I'm here, by the way, for a long weekend of Slow Food events. Expect regular dispatches.

Strepitoso? Got the term from a Slow Food review of Grom's gelato. Means awesome.

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Suona come una malattia.

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