Moon Over Magnolia

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Caprese%20salad%20at%20Palisade.JPG Moonrise%20from%20Palisade.JPG

Tis the season: fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, full flavors, full moon. If it gets any better, we'll explode.

Is it gilding the lilly when the cooks at Palisade put a chopped cherry-tomato dressing atop a slice of heirloom tomato? Not the classic Caprese, but why quibble. Are we turning the kitchen into a science lab when chef de cuisine Robin Uyeda uses liquid nitrogen to freeze basil oil and balsamic vinegar into pea-sized pellets? Nah, it actually works.

Even better, the moon rises on cue. Don't know what parent company RUI pays for this prime Magnolia real estate, but it's worth every penny.

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