Riesling Rendezvous at Chateau Ste. Michelle

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Carl%20Lowenstein%20%26%20Pierre%20Trimbach%20pour.JPGWoodinville is the world capital of riesling this week as 75 winemakers from seven countries and six U.S. states gather for a three-day professional conference. A public tasting on the grounds of Chateau Ste. Michelle kicked off the event, which highlighted the range of riesling styles (from elegant to powerful, from bone dry to decadently sweet) as well as their compatability with food. It's the second year for Riesling Rendezvous, another indication that Ste. Michelle is serious about its pre-eminent position in the wine industry and isn't waiting around for hamstrung, politically-correct trade associations to take action.

"Riesling is the fastest-growing white wine category for the last three years," says Ste. Michelle's president Ted Baseler, and more of it is produced in Washington's Columbia Valley than anywhere else in the country. Ste. Michelle itself owns 3,500 acres of riesling vineyards, and is in a partnership with German winemaker Dr. Ernst Loosen to produce a line of high-end domestic rieslings.

Among the attendees, Rheingau viticulturist Carl Prinz zu Löwenstein (foreground, wine all herbs and flintstone) and Alsatian Pierre Trimbach (dry, ideal for shellfish). Other producers came from Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Michigan, even (gulp!) New Jersey. What, ya got sumpthin gainst Joisey?

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