Fremont's Frugal Oktoberfest

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Beer%20steins%20in%20Munich.JPG Oktoberfest%204-oz%20glass.JPG Beer%20glass.JPG

The steins on the left and right hold a full liter (34 ounces) of brew; that's the way they drink it at Oktoberfest and the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. (Price is 8 euros this year, about $12.) The one in the middle barely holds four ounces.

Fifty-plus beers on tap at the Oktoberfest in Fremont this weekend, and all you could get was four ounces at a time. At $1.75 a "taste," which comes to about $15 a liter. On the other hand, didn't see any drunks. Did see lots of well-behaved dogs. Biggest excitement came from the chainsaw-carving guy.


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