Suck It: Wine Through a Straw

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Keren Brown, who writes the FranticFoodie blog at the Pee Eye, posted a link this week to an article about foods that cause bad breath and stain your teeth.

To counteract bad breath, Keri Glassman (a registered dietician who's paid to dispense her advice on CBS) recommends drinking green tea, eating yogurt and chewing sugar-free gum. To avoid staining your teeth with red wine or coffee, she suggests sipping them through a straw "to be on the safe side."

This mnd-boggling prescription comes one year after Cornichon reported on a new wine package from the Cordier wine folks: Bordeaux in a box, sipped through a straw. The idea of Tetra-Pak wine, they said, was to encourage young people to drink more wine. Because drinking wine through a straw isn't just safe, it's, you know, fun!

(Last month, though, we saw the results: a new campaign by the French government against over-consumption. Meantime, says the Seattle Times, Amazon is finally ready to start selling wine online, 9 years after investing $30 million in

Well, I can tell you what I'm going to do, whether from a box or a bottle: practice unsafe drinking.

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