Thank God We Don't Live In France

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Lunch%20at%20Veuve%20Clicquot.JPGNew rules promulgated by the French Health Ministry, so help us, read: "The consumption of alcohol, and especially wine, is discouraged."

This on the heels of a study by French national cancer institute, which says the consumption of even a small amount of alcohol can increase the risk of mouth and throat cancer by 168%. "Small daily doses of alcohol are the most harmful," the study's chief scientist told the press."There is no amount, however small, which is good for you."

How strange. This temperance movement from the government of right-wing, non-drinking Nicolas Sarkozy, who nonetheless campaigned on a promise to reduce the previous administration's harrassment of wine producers...and of editors who print stories that cast wine in a favorable light. Le Parisien was actually fined for running an article about Champagne without a health warning. Moët & Chandon was fined for an ad campaign for its pink Champagne. A lunch like this, hosted by Veuve Clicquot to promote its range of Champagnes, to showcase French joie-de-vivre? Don't even ask.

French winemakers are up in arms. The foxes are running the henhouse; the world is upside down. French paradox indeed.

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