Local Internet Farmboy Makes Good

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Onions%20at%20Tilth%20Harvest%20Fair.jpgHaven't you always wondered where your flour comes from? It could matter. (Remember the peanut scare?) After all, you can go to your neighborhood farmer's market and meet the folks who grew your carrots or your onions, but it's strange: the people who grow the Staff of Life are by and large anonymous.

That's about to change. Now you can go online, to Find the Farmer, and meet the people who grow the wheat and get connected with your food! The project is the brainchild of Josh Dorf, ceo of Stone-Buhr, a Spokane company that rejects the notion of wheat as a featureless commodity. Stone-Buhr's suppliers are some three dozen family farmers who practice sustainable agriculture; they have a Seattle PR firm, Good Food Strategies, and an article in today's New York Times.

Dorf credits the journalist Michael Pollan with the notion of providing greater transparency in the food chain. Says Pollan, approvingly, “The more transparent a food chain is, the more accountable it is.” We think a (slice of) toast is in order!

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