Ice Cream: It's What's For Dinner

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Summer may be winding down, but Cornichon's still on duty atop Queen Anne and can't respond to all the social events on the calendar. So once again Jacqueline Pruner steps in and steps out to Palace Ballroom for an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social hosted by Tom Douglas Restaurants:

Adria%20Shimada.jpgSeven ice cream makers proudly displayed their latest creations. Home team Dahlia Bakery served up a delightful cherry ice cream within a profiterole. Triple coconut pie, yes, but who knew Dahlia made ice cream?!

Now, I admit I’m a bit of an ice cream snob: I like ingenuity that mixes unique flavors with a stimulation of the palate, something that combines tradition with cutting edge. That said, sometimes an ice cream makes it (the “makers”), and sometimes, it doesn’t (the “breakers”).

Makers: Full Tilt, a fab new ice cream parlor that can make chocolate-covered bacon, peanut butter and banana work like a charm in its Memphis King ice cream (the Ube – pronounced [ooh’ bay] – or purple yam is also worth a try); Molly Moon’s ice cream “boutique” with its sweet-creamy-floral honey lavender; Empire with its gorgeous and very corny – in a good way, that is – Sweet Corn Caramel ice cream; and Half Pint with its oldie-but-goodie chocolate mint and, last but not by any means least.

Maker Masterpiece: But Parfait – with its organic, artisan ice cream creations – I confess was my absolute fav – owner Adria Shimada’s Fresh Mint Stracciatella is truly for adult tastes, complete with a lovely and natural fresh mint taste.

Breakers: Molly Moon’s Thai Iced Tea ice cream (low on the tea flavor) and Poco Carretto’s overly-strong Salted Butter Caramel and Burnt Sugar gelato flavors--the only two left by the time I worked my way over to their booth, er cart. Ah, well.

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