BoKA to Basics at Hotel 1000

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Hotel 1000 is living large these days. It's the top hotel in Seattle, according to Travel & Leisure, ranking 16th in the "Large City" category. (Fairmont Olympic, often cited as the city's most elegant, is 32nd.) Our correspondent Jacqueline Pruner asks, "Seattle's a large city now? Who knew?" Cornichon asked her to stop by the hotel to check out the latest.

It's called “In The Studio,” a monthly speaker series in partnership with the Seattle Art Museum just up the street. Held in the hotel's STUDIO 1000, these free events offer up hors d’oeuvres from BoKA (Best Of Kitchen Artistry): tasty bites like bacon mac ‘n’ cheese, grilled Painted Hills beef satay, sugar cane skewered crab cakes, and those addictive truffle fries. Basic comfort food, done right.

The food is paired with presentations by SAM curators on their upcoming exhibits, and audience participation is encouraged. A glass of wine is only $3, with all proceeds to benefit SAM. (Well worth raising one’s glass to that, no?) We attended a presentation on the Imogen Cunningham photography exhibit; next month, it's Michelangelo’s sketches (November 11th), and after that, Alexander Calder’s mobiles and maquettes (December 2nd). Come early and sit next to the buffet, or you may miss out on the frenzied food feast.

By the way, it turns out that Seattle now ranks tenth in T&L's “Top 10 Cities” of North America. Our good old Emerald City is sparkling a little brighter these days.

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