Tea for Two

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Cornichon's regular guest correspondent Jacqueline Pruner checks in again, this time with news that she's launching her own blog, Heed The Hedonist, with emphasis on all things pleasurable. Her most recent dispatch:

Teapot.JPGThis past weekend, the Puget Sound Tea Association hosted its second Northwest Tea Festival at Seattle Center. Tea classes, lectures, tastings, and items for purchase from vendors from across the region and nation delighted tea lovers of all ages. "Teaophiles,” they call themselves.

Tea drinking has experienced a resurgence in recent years, says Julee Rosanoff of the Perennial Tea Room in the Pike Place Market. What with all the news about its health benefits, and the growing availability of fine teas in the United States, this ancient drink is more relevant than ever. "This region has a tradition of embracing quality in food and drink," Rosanoff explains, "which makes it a perfect locale for a tea festival.”

Tea has its own subtleties and nuances, much like a fine wine, French cuisine or a good cigar. A tea’s flavor varies depending on the ingredients, processing methods and the geographical region and culture of its origins. The festival presented a good opportunity to stock up for the cold and grey winter weather months ahead.

Missed it, you say? You should be absolutely green with envy!

Thanks, Jacqueline. We're green with envy for your new site, too!

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