Black Bottle Outpost to Replace Marco's


Six years ago this week, Belltown got lucky: a wretched tavern at the corner of First and Vine reopened as Black Bottle. Its founders, Chris Linker, chef Brian Durbin and designer Judy Boardman, had done their homework carefully ("hardworking" wines, uncomplicated cocktails, unfussy food) to create what the partners envisioned as a gastropub. Black Bottle has prospered in a fickle neighborhood, expanded its seating, added an event space, kept prices moderate, and earlier this year added an outpost in Bellevue.

Marco's.JPGNow Linker and company are setting their sights on Belltown again. They will take over the building (right) half a block south of Black Bottle that currently houses Marco's Supper Club, whose owner, Marco Rulff, is retiring after 18 years. With a charming patio in back and a long bar inside, it's an urban bistro that wouldn't be out of place in New York's West Village. A succession of chefs (Joey Serquinia of Harvest Vine, Philip Mihalski of Nell's, Tyler Boring) have run the kitchen; Marco's ex-wife, Donna Moodie, left to start Marjorie in Belltown and Capitol Hill.

Black Bottle's lamb w sumac hummus.JPGLinker doesn't have a name for the new spot yet, nor a menu. But he's not going to mess around with what's a proven formula, both in Belltown and in Bellevue. "People on both sides of the lake appreciate value," he notes. In Belltown the best-selling dish is seared weathervane scallops ($13), in Bellevue it's braised pork tacos (3 for $7 at Happy Hour), but "broccoli blasted" ($8) runs second in both locations. My personal favorites rank right up there as well, the lamb skewers with hummus (photo), and the braised oxtail (both $11).

And tonight, Belltown got even luckier. Not, not just Jason Mevs's The Lucky Diner, though a 24-hour diner is nothing to be sneezed at. But we just got word that the deal has closed and Linker & partners have their lease.


Hi. Do you remember the name of the tavern that was formerly at the Black Bottle location? I don't have it on my list.


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