Top Chefs: Cooking in a cruise ship kitchen

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Golden Princess chefs.jpg

We've all been riveted (sort of) by the current season of Top Chef. After endless episodes that saw one chef-testant after another serve up steaming plates of recycled garbage (or chilled bowls of dishwater) we're down to five. Last night: "North to Alaska!"

We're not planning to dissect recipes or to second-guess the decisions (many moons ago) of the judges aboard the Celebrity Infinity. But we can offer this, based on an afternoon aboard the Golden Princess: different cruise line, but the kitchens aboard these floating cities are amazing. A ship like this will have over 200 cooks from a dozen or more countries.

When the SS Top Chef docks in Juneau, the Top Chef wanabes are going to miss those galleys, there's no doubt.

Photo above shows three of the "top chefs" aboard the Golden Princess: head baker Orso Giordano, culinary operations manager Pierre Marie Leprince, exec chef Joel Directo. Below: chef de cuisine Carlo Persia carves a veal chop.

Chef Carlo Persia.JPG

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