Separated at birth?

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Everyone went gaga over Matt Dillon's Sitka & Spruce (above, left) when he opened in the Melrose Market three years ago. This winter--yesterday, in fact--he add an offshoot in Pioneer Square, Bar Sajor (above, right). Same cool vibe, same sort of big, wood-fired oven. Will the tribe of eaters on the hill find their way into the dinginess of P-Square? Yeah, probably.

Meanwhile, René Erickson's got a new spot of her own The Whale Wins, in Fremont. Same cool vibe, same sort of big, wood-fired oven.

It's the new Seattle norm: a room that looks set up to film a commercial for fabric softener, and a style of cooking that eschews classic à la minute preparation in favor of roasting stuff ahead of time, plating at a counter, and serving room temperature.

Fussy, self-absorbed and entitled eaters don't get it. Tough.

Whale Wins.jpg

Bar Sajor, 323 Occidental Ave. S., Seattle, no phone yet   Bar Sajor on Urbanspoon

The Whale Wins, 3506 Stone Way N., Seattle, 206-632-9425  The Whale Wins on Urbanspoon

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