Raging Infierno at Miller's Guild!

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Infierno's actually the name of the custom-built, 9-foot grill manufactured by Grillworks that allows chefs to "conduct a symphony of fire." The first one in Seattle is currently being test-driven on the third floor of the parking garage of the Hotel Max.

Its destination is the new Miller's Guild restaurant in the high-ceilinged, street-level space (formerly Red Fin), where chef Jason Wilson will serve a "modern steakhouse" menu; in fact "wood-fired cooking" is a better descriptor, since there's going to be so much more (seafood, vegetables, fruit, desserts) than just carnage for carnivores.

The project is a cooperative venture with Portland's leading restaurateur, Kurt Huffman, whose development company, ChefStable, is the umbrella for a dozen spots as diverse as Pok Pok and Ox. Huffman's a former rugby pro who teamed up with a French chef to run a string of brewpubs in Lyon and St. Etienne, gave up, earned an MBA, and found his calling as the guy who does the serious, grounded stuff (fundraising, permits, build-outs, admin) and makes it possible for imaginative chefs to concentrate on cooking.

Miller's Guild, still in the throes of build-out, will have a soft opening for friends & family (all-you-can eat, $75 a plate) after Thanksgiving, and open to the public on December 5th.

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