Slip me some more tongue!

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Just in time for the Halloween goblins, some musings on what's behind the muzzle. In fact, if you type "tongue" into the search box to the right, you'll find that Cornichon & tongue go together almost as often as ham & cheese.

Fonda la Catrina.jpg

The guy on the left, for starters, that's tongue literally on the hoof. Taken at the Ballarò market in Palermo, Sicily, some five-six years ago. Next over, the inspiration for this post, a lengua taco at Fonda La Catrina in Georgetown earlier today. The other two pics have already appeared here: tongue with a fried egg at Boat Street Kitchen and tongue tacos from Lisa Dupar's catering company,

Fonda la Catrina is on the main drag in Georgetown, owned by a former contractor named Enrique Trejo. It almost looks more like an art gallery (murals, polished concrete) than taqueria. Good to see it thriving.

Fonda la Catrina1.jpg

Fonda la Catrina, 5905 Airport Way S., Seattle, 206-767-2787  Fonda La Catrina on Urbanspoon

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