February 15, 2006

Twist Again

We warned you in late December and early January that this was coming: a confrontation between residents of the Pomeroy and its new tenant, Twist.

Southbound Twist.JPGNorthbound Twist.JPG

The mainstream guys are finally onto the story now: big piece in today's Post Intelligencer describes the concerns of condo owners, although they're made out to be bad guys who want to undercut the mayor's desire to bring more people downtown.

But the real doofus here is Twist's managing partner Ted Rodemeyer, who shows he's got no concern whatever for the neighbors. Dude! You thought you could waltz into Belltown, open a yuppie lounge in a residential building and not face restrictions from the liquor board? "I never would have signed our lease if I'd known these were the rules."

How big a doofus? "If I don't sign [the conditions] I can't get my liquor license so it seems I have no choice but to forfeit my rights as a business owner..."

Forfeit my rights, indeed. Unmitigated chutzpah, that's what it is.

Feb. 16 UPDATE: Seattle Times weighs in; article by Sanjay Bhatt riddled with errors. And Rodemeyer still claims Twist isn't a night spot. I ask you, dear readers, is this the restroom of a fine dining establishment or a club?

Posted by Ronald Holden at February 15, 2006 4:45 PM