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Now, the point isn't the 16 kinds of piroshky, although I've got to admit they do look pretty tempting. Me, I'm here for the crescent-shaped piroghies, stuffed with potatoes and cheese. And for the rounded pelmeni, stuffed with beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, spinach. And for the salads: beets, potatoes, coleslaw.
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It's at Café Yarmarka, Russian for market if you couldn't figure that one out for yourself, youssef. In the Pike Place Market, created and staffed by Roza Nazarova, who keeps her gorgeous smile through hours of chopping, kneading, stirring and serving. And if you're very good, and ask nicely, for 69 cents she'll give you a tea cookie, a cloud of pulverized almonds and powdered sugar, that transports you to the heavenly cafés of eastern Europe ... I can't think of a more satisfying lunch counter anywhere.

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1 Comment

Your article was very nice and I appreciate it! Thank you Ronald for that amazing article about my place, Cafe Yarmarka. See you soon. :)

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