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Updating the updates: Friday, August 19th, the august Seattle Times weighs in. Nancy Leson loves 94 Stewart! (Good for Nancy! Take that, P-I!) But isn't the timing just a bit bizarre? Three reviews in ten days? On the field, wouldn't it be called "piling on"?

Thursday's post:

The P-I has finally managed to review 94 Stewart, sending Rebekah Denn. She didn't much like it, though she expresses admiration, as Cornichon did two months ago, for Lindsey Norton's wine expertise.

Context, people! Vivanda, right across the street, has been closed for the past month! Campagne is fancier! Le Pichet is a tad pricier! And please, spare us the "parking can be expensive" routine. This is downtown, we live in a big city. Walk.

On the other hand, Bethany Jean Clement gets it. Her review in The Stranger has the most charming lead: "Walking into 94 Stewart is like finding out your blind date is really, really cute—and has an accent." Love it!


"This is downtown, we live in a big city. Walk."

Well said!

Thanks, Rob !

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