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What a workload, what a record! For close to ten years, 3,500 nights in a row, the barkeeps at Tini Bigs have been shaking, stirring & pouring. Not to mention researching, developing & testing, testing, testing. (Who can say as much? 13 Coins and Denny's, those always-open stalwarts, don't have the same reputation for innovative drinks, to say the least.) To celebrate, owner Keith Robbins dropped the price of libations to $3.50...for a couple of hours.

Burning Man Tini.jpg Birthday cake.JPG Tini Bigs martinis.JPG
Burning-Man Tini; birthday cake; $3.50 tinis

Meantime, lead bartender Aaron Marshall was named Seattle's Best in a poll of Seattle Weekly readers, and the drink given its name by Cornichon, the Burning-Man Tini, was voted Best Specialty Cocktail. Recipe: Mazama chili-pepper vodka mixed with chocolate liqueur, topped with sweetened cream; glass rimmed with cocoa powder and cayenne; garnished with dried Thai chili.

Footnote: The Burning Man's original moniker was Vulcan. Concern was that Paul Allen, developer of nearby South Lake Union, would not have been amused. Good call.

Tini Bigs, 100 Denny Way, 206-284-0931
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Good call on the Vulcan name change. That is one mean martooni. It is sort of like drinking draino..not that I have, but the thing burns up your insides.
Give me gin/olives straight up Baby.Classic, and ice cold.

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