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Where was Cornichon? Right here, at the Brasserie Georges in Lyon.

Fines de Claires.JPG Choucroute Royale .JPG

Started with a serving of Fines de Claire, oysters "finished" in the intertidal pools of the Marennes region, spending a month or so in algae-rich waters until their edges turn a lovely shade of green. Served with brown bread and butter. Then a Choucroute Royale, slow-simmered sauerkraut and boiled potatoes garnished with smoked pork and sausages. Finish it off with a Café Liegeois of ice cream, coffee syrup and crème chantilly. For me, it's an ideal brasserie meal.

Brasserie Georges is a huge, ornate place, room for 500-600 diners, some celebrating all night, some eating alone and scarfing down a quick, satisfying and fairly priced plat du jour. Democratic, welcoming, satisfying.

More photos on Flickr; click here

1 Comment

Those pictures are the closest thing to food porn I have seen in a long time - just fantastic. Your eating trips sound like the perfect vacation - keep up the good work and don't forget the camera

Thanks again,

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