Learning to love escargots


Don't care what you eat? Quelle horreur! If the greatest sin is indifference, the preventive remedy is education: how to appreciate, how to care. And so, this week in classrooms, lunchrooms and kitchens all over France, the curriculum is as basic as it gets: teaching kids how about food. It's called "La Semaine du Goût," the Week of Taste.

Semaine du Gout.JPG Chef Olivier Walsh.JPG

A visit at Burgundy's Clos Vougeot finds a class of wide-eyed 10-year-olds eagerly chomping escargots, foie gras, quenelles of quail, purple potatoes, cake with candied nougat prepared by the chateau's executive chef, Olivier Walsh. Nary a burger, hot dog or pizza in sight. Young gourmets of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your McNuggets!


I don't see any wine on the table!!!

Snail won a big contest, the prize was a sport car of his choice. He chose a red 347 Z. He asked the dealer to change the big "Z" to an "S" (snail).

He drove that car like a wild (person)? As he raced down the boulevard near the park, one tortise saw him whiz past and remarked to his buddy, another tortise: "Man, look at that S car go!"

Anyway, go on with what you were doing.


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