Educating Seattle's Littlest Consumers

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You've got to be carefully taught. Not how to hate (that comes naturally) but how to love.

The love of shopping, the love of getting & spending, this requires arduous training. Something few parents have time for these days because they're doing so much getting & spending themselves.

Enter the Children's Museum, a 30-year-old institution for the families of Seattle's youngest, with over 20,000 square feet of exhibits at Seattle Center. Hands-on learning, open-ended exploration, creative self-expression, parent-child cooperation, multi-cultural understanding ... all the feel-good buzzwords of our time. (Why can't Barack, and McJohn, Big Joe and Little Sarah just get along like the tots over there?)

Still, even the most idealistic nonprofits require a little corporate sponsorship these days. Metropolitan Market to the rescue this weekend, underwriting a child-size replica of an urban grocery, a "fun-size" supermarket the size of a one-bedroom apartment with grocery, dairy, produce, deli, bakery and floral departments. Fill up your tiny cart, Princess, and wheel it over to the checkout stand. Wasn't that fun? Can you say Kraft, Darigold, Organic Valley, Wilcox Farms?

The Children's Museum, 305 Harrison, 206-441-1788

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