So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye

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Some six weeks ago, faithful Cornichon readers would have come across this post: "Recession? Not in Belltown." All about new restaurant openings (and one closing, Qube). Well, times change. Here's a back-to-school update.

Mac%20%26%20Cheese%2C%20mojito%20at%20Marjorie.JPG Donna%20Moodie%20in%20the%20patio%20at%20Marjorie.JPG

A fond farewell, first of all, to Marjorie, which went out with a grand party this weekend after a decade at the corner of Second & Battery. The folks from Buckley's Tavern on Lower Queen Anne bought the whole building, so Marjorie's Donna Moodie has to find a new spot. Farewell to pulled pork sliders and mac & cheese at happy hour. Farewell to the bar, which Cornichon named Belltown's best last year. Lead barkeep Ben Sherwood moves up the street to Tavolata; he won't even have to reset his GPS. Barman Mike McSorley heads to a Thai restaurant in Bellevue Square. And Donna herself? Telling faithful clients in the lovely patio that she's still looking for the perfect location.

Say farewell to another local institution: Patrick Haight, GM at Tini Bigs. He's moving to Issaquah when the new tribal Snoqualmie Casino opens. Stepping in (but only as a "consultant") is barman extraordinaire Jamie Boudreau, late of Vessel.

More buh-byes: Looks like David Selig's place didn't recover from his August hiatus: the Apartment is now empty. Other late-summer casualties: Bellino, the coffee shop on Second, is officially closed, and Rockin Burrito, Fourth & Wall, is officially "closed for remodeling."

If you're a music fan, using the term in its most generous sense, you might have shed a reptilean tear when Crocodile closed. We've heard lately that Mike McConnell was going to shoehorn a Via Tribunali pizza oven into the space; this week's rumor is that Marcus Charles, of Pioneer Square's Martini Heaven and Belltown's Juju Lounge will be taking over the vacant Crocodile. His barkeep says that she expects confirmation in a week or so.

Did we ever say a proper adios to Marazul? No? Well, amigo, you won't be missed. Coming soon to the Pan Pacific Hotel's circular driveway, if neighbors are to be believed: a western outpost of John Howie's Bellevue-based Seastar. From rhum bar to raw bar, why not?

Leaving but not leaving: Scott Carsberg at Lampreia. He's heading for new quarters in the Gallery, still abuilding at Second & Broad; little chance he'll move before the New Year. Meantime, the asking price for his space in Belltown Court is down from $750K to $475K.

Not farewell just yet: Cascadia. Yes, chef Kerry Sear has already moved to the new Four Seasons downtown (and taking most of his kitchen and service staff with him). But he's not going to close up entirely, not with the fall season of private parties coming up. He's turned the place over to Columbia Hospitality, a local outfit that manages boutique hotels and conference centers. Asking price for the Casacadia space: $1.25 million, or roughly half a million miniburgers.

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