Baked Beans On Toast at Tilikum Place

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That's Ba Culbert at the bar of her new place on Tilikum Place overlooking the statue of Chief Sealth at Fifth & Cedar. Culbert and her business partner Paul Dormann, along with GM Derin Madia, all Palace Kitchen alums, just opened a brand new breakfast-lunch-dinner coffee-house cum bistro where a printshop once cranked out posters for obscure music gigs.

Breakfast & lunch from 10 to 3, drinks & dinner from 4 to 10. The beans on toast (Essential Baking's Columbia loaf, sweet-smokey bacon in the beans) come with a fried egg and seared tomato, ten bucks. It's a comforting dish that you find in every country hotel in the UK, just not here. But Culbert's mother was English, so she grew up with this sort of food.

Yeah, all that the frou-frou Belltown stuff (cheese & charcuterie, duck confit, crab cakes) is on the menu as well, and pretty good, too. And it scares off the drunks looking for the 5-Point, two doors down.

Tilikum Place Café, 407 Cedar St., 206-282-4830 Tilikum Place Cafe on Urbanspoon

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